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Aelosys is a leading social media marketing agency with a focus on driving impactful business growth through social media services. Whether you are looking to enhance your brand’s social media presence or drive targeted leads through social media management, our team is ready to help you hit your goals.


Profitable keywords or search queries connect you to your audiences, this is the building block of good SEO.

Process of Gaining Traffic

Conversion is the dream of every site owner, this is where content optimization is crucial not only to have better ranking but for conversion success as well.

Content that is developed with profitable keywords usually communicates more effectively as there is a common topic or focus with your visitors. This in turn promote trust which will lead to conversion.

Profitable keywords or search queries connect you to your audiences, this is the building block of good SEO.

With millions of searches per day finding such gems is never an easy task; no worries, we will help you understand the correct tools and how to use them making the process doable.

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Social platforms provide so many opportunities to connect with your audience, and you could miss out key growth opportunities if you aren’t utilizing a social media marketing campaign. In fact, marketing on these platforms is one of the most beneficial ways to advertise your business — so much so that social media spend is slated to increase 18.5% in the next five years. So whether you’re posting information, sharing links, or providing special offers to your followers, social platforms are a great way to interact, connect, and convert.

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We’ve worked on over 1,000 marketing campaigns to date, which means we’re well-seasoned in creating an effective social media campaign for your unique business.

We’ll custom craft your social media campaign around your own specific lead-based goals.

If you’re worried about a well-supported campaign, Brandenic has all the resources necessary to ensure that your strategy is the best it can me. We have a team of 100+, which is made up of marketers, designers, and copywriters which will all have a hand in supporting your campaign.

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At Aelosys we specialize in marketing on six different advertising platforms for your social media marketing campaign. They’re the most popular ones, and as far as we’re concerned, they’re the most effective too!

We offer social media services on the following platforms:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Instagram
  6. Google Plus

All of these platforms work in their own unique way to drive results for your business.

Social Media Pricing


First and foremost, social media platforms allow you to inform your audience. No matter what you post, you’re essentially informing them on an aspect of your business or industry.

For example, if you share a statistic about your industry, like how many of a specific product you sell in a calendar year, you’re informing your audience. If you share a link to the latest blog post on your website, you’re informing your audience. And even if you tease an upcoming event, you guessed it! You’re still informing your audience.

Providing information to your friends and followers allows you to become a trusted leader in your industry, and it shows your followers that you will provide them with beneficial information and not just sales pitches.

Not to mention, the more they know about your products and services, the more likely they will be to purchase!


But information is nothing if it’s not shared, which is why social media services are so effective.

Social media platforms are literally built to share information to a wider audience. Your followers can like and share your content, which allows their followers to like and share your content — and the process continues in a cyclical fashion.

That means that just by sharing one blog post to your 700 followers, 700 can double, triple, and even quadruple thanks to the nature of social media platforms.

That’s not to say that everything you share will go viral, or even that it will get 50 likes, but social media services open the door to that possibility.



Providing previews to your audience is a great way to engage them, and a great way to ensure that they return to your page often.

When you show them that new products, services, specials, or events are in the works, you can guarantee that they’ll be back to learn more.

For example, if you have a surprise 25% off sale coming up soon, and tease it every morning at 9 A.M., users will be waiting on your update, which means they will stay engaged with your brand. Not to mention, they’ll be the first to know about the awesome sale, and if they’ve been that interested in the process, they’ll likely be the first ones to make a purchase as well!


Not only are social media platforms beneficial for sharing information, but it’s also a great way to connect with other figureheads in your industry, learn from them, and even build relationships that allow you to strengthen your authority within your industry.

For example, if you connect with a boat dealer on Facebook, and you sell parts that improve their boats, you may create a relationship that allows your business to flourish.

You might even build a few partnerships along the way, which is sure to increase your sales.



Social media is also a great place to learn — namely about your competition, what your target audience likes, what they react to and engage with, and more.

You can watch how your competition uses social media and watch how users respond. It’s almost like using your competition as Guinea pigs to see what post strategies work, and which don’t.

Take notes, so that if something flops, you’ll know not to bother trying it

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